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22 June 2011 @ 10:11 pm
As it says in the subject, I'll be moving my icons to moegraphy.

This is a rather bad habit of mine, I know, but mintteaparty's just not doing it for me anymore.

Feel free to watch moegraphy if you'd like to keep seeing more of my work. I've been working on a batch (and just spent a couple of hours prettying up the new comm), so expect some new icons there soonish.

Ty, guys. ♥
23 May 2011 @ 02:02 pm

Series: Kuroshitsuji
Characters: Elizabeth `Lizzie` Middleford
Warning: Mild spoilers for Chapter 57
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS4 + mouse
Original: here

you are perfect to meCollapse )

screencaps: 462 images (227 in part 1, 235 in part 2)
resolution: 1280x720

PART 1 (MF) || PART 2 (MF)

episode 2 hereCollapse )

1. Please comment if taking. Comments are loved and much appreciated.
2. Feel free to use these for graphics. Just please credit either mintteaparty or starkissed.

I apologize for the lack of updates! Here are some screencaps of the newest anime I'm watching, so hopefully that'll make up for things a bit.

Apologies in advance if some of the screencaps are a little odd (since it's my first thing doing something like this, VLC and I have a love-hate kind of thing going on rn). Don't worry if some files seem to be missing based on the file names - likely, the `missing` images are just ones that were deleted because they were either too blurry or duplicates of another image already in the file.

Also, I'm in the process of making icon bases from the One Piece manga (post time skip), so look forward to that!

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12 November 2010 @ 10:17 pm

Series: Gate 7 by CLAMP
Characters: 'Hana'
Time: 3-4
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS4 + mouse
Original: here

when the stars burn outCollapse )
05 October 2010 @ 02:07 pm
[ 03 ] → xxxholic
[ 03 ] → cardcaptor sakura
[ 04 ] → clover
[ 10 ] → x/1999


my first love storyCollapse )
14 September 2010 @ 10:35 pm

Series: Ludwig Kakumei
Characters: the "witch" Hansel and Gretel killed
Time: 2 hours
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Original: here

it's like falling in loveCollapse )
14 September 2010 @ 06:58 pm

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Difficulty: Easy - medium. A general understanding of the different tools in Photoshop (such as Levels and Layers) would definitely help.

Iiiiiit's been a while hasn't it? Sorry I've been inactive lately, but let me try to make it up to everyone with a tutorial! (Albeit a... slightly old tutorial. /kind of forgot about it for a couple of months, um.)

This will be a general cleaning + coloring tutorial instead of an iconning tutorial since I typically like to resize my bases to 100x100 pixels first when iconning, which... might make things a lot more difficult if you're not used to it.

Hope I can explain this clearly, and feel free to ask questions in the comments! ♥ I just... can't promise I'll be able to answer them very well, ahahaha. |D

As you'll see later on, I like to use a lot of layers. I find that it's useful for keeping things organized and different layer effects in turn make your coloring differently. If you want to learn more about layer effects, please go see this wonderful tutorial by outou!

With this tutorial, I won't be going through how I color every single part (like the clothes, for example), but I will be going through the major parts, such as the skin, hair, eyes and some general tips. You can more or less figure out how to color the rest of the image from there.

i hope i don't screw this up ahahahaCollapse )
14 May 2010 @ 11:58 pm

Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Belgium, Netherlands/Holland
Time: 3 hours, give or take
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Original: this image from here

we're slow dancing in a burning roomCollapse )
23 April 2010 @ 12:22 pm
[ 16 ] → persona 4 (3 manga art, 13 from hiimdaisy's fancomic)
[ 07 ] → final fantasy 7 (fanart)
[ 07 ] → ooku
[ 02 ] → mononoke


i feel like a hero, and you're my heroineCollapse )
05 April 2010 @ 08:24 pm



You guys can expect a new batch some time maybe this month or the next, btw. ♥